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Call us for a free pre-NCT inspection.


In order for your car to be deemed roadworthy it must first pass its NCT inspection, otherwise it is illegal to drive. The NCT test is a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle and a failure will mean you need to perform essential repairs. At David Stokes Motors we provide a free pre-NCT check, inspecting all components of your vehicle and flagging any potential issues. If we notice any points that would warrant a failure, we can then carry out the necessary corrections in our fully equipped Bosch service centre.

Don’t risk having to re-do your NCT test, call David Stokes Motors for a free pre-NCT inspection.

NCT Failures & Repairs

If your car has failed its NCT test or we notice any points that would cause a failure during our own inspection, we can carry out the necessary repairs here in our fully equipped service centre. All repair work is carried out by members of our fully qualified, highly skilled team using the latest equipment. All repair works are carried out to the highest standard in an efficient manner.


All modern vehicles are now fitted with complex electrical systems which can sometimes falter. Luckily, at David Stokes Motors we have a sophisticated diagnostics system able to effectively pinpoint the cause of any electrical fault with your vehicle to which we can then provide an appropriate solution. A light on your dashboard is the most common indicator that you need to have a diagnostics check but other warning signs can include strange noises coming from your vehicle, engine cutting out etc.


If your vehicle has failed the NCT test and needs essential repairs to be deemed roadworthy, contact David Stokes Motors for a complete repair service.

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