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David Stokes Motors guarantees professional, affordable Diesel Particulate Filter repairs & maintenance service.

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At David Stokes Motors, we offer a full DPF cleaning, maintenance, and repair service. Our years of experience combined with the latest equipment and technology mans that we are your one stop shop for all your DPF needs.

A DPF, or Diesel Particulate Filter, fitted in the exhaust system, to catch any particles such as carbon and other pieces of dirt. This essentially reduces emissions and ensures these pieces are not released into the atmosphere. A DPF is a relatively new type of filter, and we have found that many of our customers are unsure of what exactly the DPF does, are unaware of the warning signs of any issues, and simply don't know the importance of properly maintaining the filter system.

An effective DPF is hugely important to the overall safety of your car, and any blockages or problems can cause issues in other parts of the engine or electrical system. That's why routine cleaning and regular servicing is needed to ensure that your DPF runs smoothly at all times.

DPF Repairs

David Stokes Motors are DPF specialists. That means that we quickly identify any issues in your DPF and have the issue rectified quickly. We have invested in all of the latest DPF equipment and technology which allows us to provide a fully comprehensive DPF service to all of our customers.

The majority of DPF issues begin with blockages. The DPF is a self-cleaning system. However, if you drive short journeys, regularly drive in the wrong gear, or drive in a lot of start-stop traffic, this function cannot work properly. The build up of particles and dirt will block the filter and ultimately lead to repairs, or even a replacement being necessary. If these issues are ignored, problems can start to appear in other parts of the car such as the engine or ECU. At David Stokes Motors, we can quickly and correctly identify the cause of the problem and conduct the necessary repair work. We are the only garage in Europe who can currently test for the efficiency of the DPF and the production of particles while the car is running.

DPF Warning Signs

There are a number of ways to tell if your DPF needs to be checked by a professional mechanic.
These include:


  • Engine Checklight Appears

  • Loss of Power

  • Smoke from the Exhaust

  • Burning Smell

  • Poor Fuel Consumption

 If you notice any of these signs, you should bring your car into David Stokes Motors as soon as possible for a free diagnostic check.

If there is an issue we can repair it quickly before the problem spreads. We will also provide you with an efficiency report to certify that your DPF has been repaired and is now working properly again. The cost of replacing a DPOF can be up to €5000 so it always better to have it repaired as quickly as possible.

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DPF Cleaning

Regular and effective cleaning of your DPF will not only make sure that it works better for longer but will also make your car much safer to drive. At David Stokes Motors, we provide have state of the art DPF cleaning machines for a quick and efficient service.

DPFs are built to be self-cleaning. However short, low speed journeys, stop-start traffic, and driving in the wrong gear can prevent the self-cleaning action from working properly. If dirt, soot, and particles are allowed to build up in the filter then many other problems will occur and an expensive replacement may even be necessary. The cleaning process is relatively simple and quick. DPF cleaning machine work similar to a large washing machine. The filter is soaked in a cleaning chemical and then rinsed thoroughly with water through a hose and jet. The condition of your filter will drastically improve, reducing the number of particles your car releases into the atmosphere.

A DPF cleaning with David Stokes Motors will give you a better free flowing exhaust system, allow for better fuel consumption, restore engine power and ultimately eliminate any potential DPF repairs.

What is DPF Removal & Remapping? 

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is an integrated filter found in contemporary diesel vehicles, designed to prevent the release of tiny soot particles into the environment. It functions as a component within the vehicle's exhaust system. Similar to any filter, it requires periodic emptying, which typically occurs automatically through a process known as regeneration, where the accumulated particles are burned up.

For nearly a decade, DPFs have been installed in the majority of diesel cars. However, due to their dependence on high temperatures for regeneration, low mileage stop-start driving can lead to blockages in the filter. If this issue is disregarded, it can result in costly damage to the engine.

Why Choose DPF Removal With David Stokes Motors?

David Stokes Motors provides a comprehensive range of services including ECU/PCM/ECM Remaps and DPF removal for all types of vehicles, including both private and commercial fleets. The benefits of opting for an ECU remap are numerous, such as:

  • Fuel savings

  • Increased power

  • Enhanced torque

Our DPF removal, power, and economy maps are renowned for their superior quality. Combined with the expertise of our highly skilled technicians, we ensure optimal results for your investment.

We offer a specialised program for our diesel customers, which includes a DPF bypass solution. This package incorporates an ECU remap or emulator, along with the removal of the DPF filter from your vehicle. By doing so, we restore the lost power of your vehicle while significantly improving its fuel efficiency.

We receive numerous inquiries daily from concerned customers and garages facing issues when the troublesome DPF light illuminates on the dashboard.

The purpose of a DPF is to eliminate approximately 80% of harmful soot from the exhaust gases, which is a commendable concept. However, it poses a significant problem for individuals when it becomes clogged.

Will It Affect My NCT or DOE  Test? 

Our programs are designed to have no impact on your NCT or DOE test, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. To alleviate any concerns, we can provide a smoke test result to assure you of the effectiveness of our services.

Our pricing begins at €250 for the remap service alone, offering you affordable options for optimizing your vehicle's performance.

Contact the Team at David Stokes Motors to Book your DPF check or for Further Details

  • What is a DPF?
    A Diesel Particulate Filter, also referred to as a DPF, is a filter that captures and stores particle and soot emitted from the exhaust. The purpose of a DPF is to reduce the emissions produced by modern diesel cars.
  • Do all cars have a DPF?
    As part of European Rues, all modern diesel cars are fitted with a DPF. Any diesel car manufactured after 2008 should have a working DPF installed.
  • Can I drive with my DPF light on?
    If you notice that your DPF engine light has come on then you should bring it to be checked immediately. You can continue to drive with the light on, however, if you ignore the problem the issue is only going to get worse resulting in more expensive repairs and maybe even a replacement in the future.
  • How often should my DPF be cleaned?
    We recommend having your DPF cleaned yearly, similar to your annual servicing. An annual cleaning will prevent blockages from occurring which can lead to costly repairs. A properly maintained filter should last the lifetime of the car.
Diesel Particulate Filters – Repairs & Maintenance.jpg
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